UKPSC Syllabus for Lect. Ayurveda Screening Exam

UKPSC Syllabus for Lect. Ayurveda Screening Exam: Under UKPSC, Rishikul/Gurukul Ayurvedic College, Haridwar will soon announce notification to conduct Screening Test for vacant positions. To sit for this test you need to get prepared for this exam by using proper guidance, time management, exam pattern and its syllabus.

Exam Pattern for  Lect. Ayurveda Screening Exam

  • You will get 100 questions for 100 marks which you have to complete in two hours.

UKPSC Syllabus for Lect. Ayurveda Screening Exam

  • Padarth Vijnana (05 Marks): 
  1. Meaning of Darshan & their numbers, Sada-darshan, Darshan, principles of Indian Philosophy, related to Ayurveda, Importance of padarth vijnana. Bhava & abhava Padarth.
  2. Dravya vijnana, Samanya vijnana, Vishesha Vijnana, Guna vijnana, Karma Vijnana & samvaya Vijnana description in detail.
  3. Detail description of pramana (Epistemology) in Indian philosophy & in Ayurveda.
  4. Karyakaranabhava & strishtiutpatti description in detail.
  • History of Ayurveda (02 Marks): Determination of Vedic age, Ayurveda in Brahamana, Aaranyaka- Upanishads, the origin of Ayurveda, Samhita Kala(Era), Authors of Samhitas, Pratisanskarta Acharyas, Compilation age of Samhita, commentators & their periods, origin of Ras-Shastra, its progress. Globalisation of Ayurveda, Acceptance of Ayurved by Hippocrates & Yamana. Brihadtrayee &Laghutrayee, Progress in the field of Ayurveda after the independence of India, CCIM, CCRAS, Pharmacopeia Committee, the organization of Vaidyas, Publication of Ayurveda, Magazines and articles, WHO & Ayurveda.
  • Ashtanga Sangraha (05 Marks): Study of sutra sthan chapter 1-40
  • Rachna Sharira (06 Marks): Description of principles regarding sharira., Shario-pakarma, Knowledge of terminologies used in sharira, Abhinivrite sharira (Development Anotomy) Garbha Sharira ( Embryology), Pramana sharira, Asthi Sharira, Sandhi Sharira, Sira-Dhamni, srotas sharira ( Angiology) , Lasika sansthan (Lymphatic system), Peshi sharira, Kala sharira, Twaka sharira (Dermatology), uttamangiya- tantrika samsthan (C.N.S) sharira, Tantra Sharira, Marma sharira, Anga rekhankan sharira (surface Anatomy) Indriya Vigyan sharira.
  • Dravya-Guna vigyana (07 Marks): Lakshna of Dravyaguna Shastra, the Detailed introduction of sapta Padartha. Dravya, Rasa, Guna, Virya, Vipaka, prabhava & karma, Audbhida Ganas, Basis of nomenclature of Dravyas, prasasta Bheshaja, Pryoga Marga & their purification, knowledge of adulterants and artificial drugs. The brief history of Dravya Shastra.
  • SHALAKYA TANTRA (07 Marks):  Netra Sharira. Netra Roga, Shiro Roga, Karna Roga, Nasa Roga, Mukha Roga, Ostha Roga, Danta Roga, Danta-mulagata Roga, Jihvagata Roga, Talu Roga, Kanthagata Roga, Sarvasara Mukhapaka, Sandhana Karma, Lalasravi Granthijanya Roga, Commonly used Instruments, Kriya Kalpa
  • Kriya sharira (06 Marks)
  • Charak Sanhita (06 Marks)
  • Swastha Vritta (07 Marks)
  • KAYACHIKITSA (07 Marks)
  • SHALYA TANTRA (07 Marks)
  • KAUMARBHRITYA (07 Marks)

You can also take a look of PDF for UKPSC Syllabus for Lect. Ayurveda Screening Exam

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