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PCS Preparation Tips for preparing for IAS/PCS exam, UKPCS, Civil Services exams. 

PCS Preparation tips for the ukpsc UK pcs exam asiprants.The strength of overcoming any obstruction comes from the motive behind it. If you are truly motivated by the strength of character to pursue your dreams than nobody could stop you from achieving it.

IAS/PCS as a career is one of the most prestigious and service focused area in India. The position is hard earned and therefore well respected. Having said that it is hard to crack the IAS/ PCS  exam but it is not something impossible. All you need to do is first demystify the exam through planning and strategizing in PCS Preparation. We at Scholarshipbag will help you

IAS PCS EXams Preparation TIPS

with some useful tips that will guide you in your path to become successful and clear the exams with ease.

  1. Overcoming fear and feeling confident: The first and foremost requirement to clear any examination is to demystify it and overcome your fear. You don’t have to be afraid of IAS exam because before you many aspirants have done so there is nothing to be afraid of. So feel the confidence in your veins like you have already cleared the exams with flying colors. This will boost your moral and you will not be flabbergasted by the preparation of the exams itself. Calm yourself and focus on preparation rather than what could go wrong. Prepare a decent study plan which will give you outline to study along its path. Do not over exhaust yourself and take time to rest and relax.    Check Here for UKPSC Recent Updates of ukpcs exam 2016
  1. Selection of books for study: The market is loaded with plethora of books on all the subjects and the question arises which one to follow and which one to discard as for preparing for IAS exams the one golden rule that works best is to go with a standard book on the subject which will provide you with the basic information about the subject and content is relevant to the subject that will save you from hoarding unnecessary information and your subject base will be strong. For Detail of  Uttarakhand PCS syllabus Pre and Main Examination can click here.
  1. Take help from the previous question papers: Reviewing the past question papers will help you PCS Preparation and will save you a lot of time. By reviewing the past 10 years question papers will help you identify topics that are more focused, trends in the questions and preparing for the essay type and objective type questions. This will help you to funnel down your exam preparation to particulars and therefore doing it will help you to demarcate topics.
  1. Make your own notes: Always prepare your own notes for PCS Preparation, after completing a topic or a subject as it will help in revision of subjects during exam times. Making notes also helps you to remember better about the topics as compared to just reading a subject. Making notes also helps in remembering dates, events, topics and news easily.
  1. Time management: The most effective time management strategy would be to fix daily hours of study. Also create some time for recreation, sleep and rest this will help your body to rejuvenate and give you the energy to prepare. After deciding fixed hours then manage subjects in-between these hours, give more time to subjects and topics that you are week at and less time to those in which you are good. Do not over exhaust yourself with preparation.
  1. Familiarity with the optional syllabi : Acquire yourself with well acquainted content of the optional subject’s syllabi and the topics that it covers. A thorough familiarity with your optional subject will help you select the one that you are most familiar with and it will reduces your mental tension that is attached with its selection.
  1. Strategy for general studies: This is most important for Prelims and Mains Examination PCS Preparation. As it covers History, Geography, General Science, Current Affairs and General Awareness. Do not get flabbergasted with the entirety of the subjects just focus on last year’s question paper which will give a little hint on the topics relevant to a particular subject. For history, stress is given to modern history and freedom movement. Also emphasis is given to Ancient India and medieval history. For the preparation of Geography, prepare for physical geography and maps related questions. Good Atlas will help you prepare better in PCS Preparation. In General Science a standard guidebook can make you well-versed on the topics of general science. While preparing for current affairs standard newspaper daily can keep you updated. A good guide book or year book will help you cover general awareness topics.

Chekc here for UKPSC ukpcs syllabus

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