OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate Format

OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate Format

OBC non creamy layer certificate format is used by those aspirants who want to avail the benefit of reservation in government services given to them by Indian Constitution. Those applicants who fall under creamy layer in OBC category cannot apply under reserved category.

OBC Non Creamy Layer Means

OBC non creamy layer means the sons and daughters of parents who fall under Other Backward Class (OBC) and  whose gross annual income is less than Rs. 600000 (Six Lakhs) for three consecutive years fall under creamy layer and are not entitled to avail benefit of reservation in services given to other backward classes. Such candidates are required to submit OBC non creamy layer certificate format.

OBC Non Creamy Layer Income Limit

Reservation in the government services for other backward Class (OBC) was first introduced in the year 1993. Gross annual Income limit at that time was set to be Rs. 100000.  This limit was icreased to Rs 2.5 lacks in the year 2005. In the year 2008 it was further raised to Rs 4.5 Lakhs per annum.  Again in year 2013 this limit is increased to Rs 6 lakhs per annum for three consecutive years.

OBC Non Creamy Layer Criteria

  • Applicants should belong to OBC category.
  • Gross annual income should be less than 6 Lakhs for three consecutive years.

Here it should be noted that OBC non creamy layer status of a person can change to OBC creamy layer status if the gross annual income becomes more than 6 Lakhs.

OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate Format

Those applicants who are claiming reservation in OBC category  in government services  must fulfil OBC non creamy layer criteria and submit required OBC certificate and declaration of non-creamy layer status issued by competent authorities such as District Magistrate, Deputy Commissioner etc.

Download OBC non creamy layer certificate format below.

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