Amu Admit Card 2017 Download at Amucontroller for Amu Admission 2017

Amu Admit Card 2017/ Amu Admission 2017: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is the premier Central University inside the middle of Doab, Aligarh. Every year Amucontroller conducts the entrance exam for admission in various courses like professional courses, UG and PG.


To download admit card for B voc degree diploma in fashion design in AMU. Click here

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AMUEEE 2018: Application Process with Complete Guide for Preparation.

Amucontroller provides you the best opportunity to get admissions in one of the courses such as MBBS, MBA, MBA-IB, B.Sc, MCA, MSW, BDS, BA LLB, SSSC (science), SSSC (Humanities/trade), B.Ed, B.Tech, B.Arch, PG degree and degree in Engineering, BA, BUMS/Pre-Tib, BLI (Sc.), M.A. (Mass Comm.), M.L.I.Sc, M.Sc (Biotechnology), LLM, C. E. T. (professional guides), Diploma in standard Nursing, Agribusiness Mgmt., B. S. W., M.Ed, M. F. C./M. T. A, B. A. (Hons.), B. Sc. (Hons.) and B.Com Hons.

Amu Admission 2017

If you have submitted an application for Amu Admission 2017, soon you will be able to download Amu Admit Card 2017. You must note that no Amu Admit Card 2017 will be sent separately to the applicants via post, you have to download on your own at AMU Exam controller website.

Important Note: Only those applicants will be able to download Amu Admit Card 2017 who have submitted the complete application form in all respect to the Amucontroller before the due date.

AMU Admit Card 2017 offered by Amucontroller How to download

  • To download Amu Admit Card 2018 you have to visit the official site of Amucontroller (
  • Once you have downloaded your admit card through Amucontroller you need to check your admit card properly if in any case you find any discrepancy, immediately you must contact the concerned office to avoid any last minute inconvenience.
  • You are required to paste your recent passport colour photograph in the space provided on the downloaded Admit Card. The photograph should be same as affixed on the Application Form.
  • You have to bring an extra photograph to be pasted on the attendance sheet at the time of admission test, failing which candidate shall not be allowed to appear in the test.
  • You must note that you must be holding proper admit card before you reach the examination centre.
  • Admit cards for Departmental Test courses will not be uploaded on Amucontroller website, it will be issued two days before the test from the office where the applicant have submitted their application form.
  • Read all the instructions properly mentioned on the Amu Admit Card 2018 for Amu Admission 2017.

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Latest List of Amucontroller (Amu Admission 2017) Important Dates

SR.NO Amucontroller Exam AMU Examination Date for Amu Admission 2017
1 M.Sc. (Biotechnology) 04.05.2017
2 M.B.A. / M.B.A.(I.B.)/
P.G. Dip. In Islamic Banking & Finance
3 B. Ed. 07.05.2017
4 B.A. (Hons.)Foreign Languages 08.05.2017
5 B.A.LL.B. 08.05.2017
6 S.S.S.C. (Science Stream) & Diploma in Engg. 14.05.2017
7 S.S.S.C (Humanities & Commerce Streams) 14.05.2017
8 M.F.C./ M.T.A. 18.05.2017
9 Diploma Courses through CET 20.05.2017
10 B.E. (Evening) 21.05.2017
11. M.C.A. 21.05.2017
12 M.A. (Mass Communication) 22.05.2017
13 B.L.I.Sc. 24.05.2017
14. M.S.W. 25.05.2017
15 B.S.W. 04.06.2017
16 Pre-Tib 11.06.2017
17 B.U.M.S. Through NEET but candidate shall have to appear to qualify urdu test to be conducted by AMU at Aligarh.
18 MBBS / BDS Through NEET but only candidates who will register Online will be considered for Admission.
19 MD/MS/ PG Diplom Courses Through NEET but only candidates who will register Online will be considered for Admission.
20 M.D.S. Through NEET but only candidates who will register Online will be considered for Admission.

Updated List of Departmental/ Non Test Courses

SR.No. Courses Application  Fee/

Processing Charges

Last Date Test Date
1. B.Sc. (Agriculture)  Under Self Financing Scheme 350/- 05.05.2017 03.07.2017
2. M.Sc. (Home Science) 350/- 10.04.2017 27.05.2017
3. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Entomology 350/- 10.04.2017 29.05.2017
4. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Plant Pathology 350/- 10.04.2017 29.05.2017
5. M.Sc. (Agriculture) Microbiology 350/- 10.04.2017 29.05.2017
6. M.Tech.(Agr. Proc. & Food Engg.) 350/- 10.04.2017 31.05.2017
7. Master of Agribusiness Management 350/- 10.04.2017 02.06.2017
8. B.F.A. 350/- 12.04.2017 31.05.2017
9. M.F.A. 350/- 12.04.2017 03.06.2017
10. M.A. (Arabic) 350/- 12.04.2017 06.06.2017
11. M.A. (Persian) 350/- 12.04.2017 06.06.2017
12. M.A. (English Language Teaching) 350/- 12.04.2017 07.06.2017
13. M.A. ( LAMM) 350/- 12.04.2017 07.06.2017
14. M.A. (Philosophy) 350/- 12.04.2017 08.06.2017
15. M.A. (Bengali) 350/- 12.04.2017 10.06.2017
16. M.A. (Linguistics) 350/- 12.04.2017 11.06.2017
17. P.G. Mass  Comm. (Urdu) 350/- 12.04.2017 11.06.2017
18. M.A. (Sanskrit) 350/- 12.04.2017 12.06.2017
19. M.A. (Hindi) 350/- 12.04.2017 12.06.2017
20. M.A. (Malayalam) 350/- 12.04.2017 13.06.2017
21. M.A. (Hindi Translation) 350/- 12.04.2017 13.06.2017
22. M.A. (English) 350/- 12.04.2017 14.06.2017
23. M.A. (Urdu) 350/- 12.04.2017 14.06.2017
24. Advance Diploma in Translation 650/- 12.04.2017 21.09.2017
25. Diploma in Computerized Shoe Design & Development AND B. Voc. Degree in Fashion Design & Garment Technology (Combined Departmental Test) 450/- 12.04.2017 28.05.2017
26. B. Voc. Degree in Production Technology (Tools & Die) AND B. Voc. Degree in Polymer & Coating Technology (Combined Departmental Test). To download admit card. Click here 450/- 12.04.2017 28.05.2017
27. M. Com. 350/- 17.04.2017 31.05.2017
28. PG BRIM 350/- 17.04.2017 03.06.2017
29. PG DBF 350/- 17.04.2017 03.06.2017
30. P.G. Diploma in Computer Programming (PGDCP) 350/- 17.04.2017 12.06.2017
31. Bridge Course (For Graduates of Deeni Madaris) 250/- 05.06.2017 03.07.2017
32. Adv. Diploma in Food Technology/ Adv. Dip. in Environmental Engg. 350/- 17.04.2017 03.06.2017
33. Dip. in Costume Design & Garment Tech 350/- 17.04.2017 05.06.2017
34. Diploma in Secretarial Practice 350/- 17.04.2017 06.06.2017
35. M. Tech. – Chemical Engineering 350/- 17.04.2017 07.06.2017
36. M. Tech. – Civil Engineering 350/- 17.04.2017 07.06.2017
37. M. Tech. – Computer Engineering 350/- 17.04.2017 07.06.2017
38. Adv. Diploma in Interior Decoration 350/- 17.04.2017 08.06.2017
39. M. Tech. – Electrical Engineering 350/- 17.04.2017 08.06.2017
40. M. Tech. – Electronics Engineering 350/- 17.04.2017 08.06.2017
41. M. Tech. – Mechanical Engineering 350/- 17.04.2017 08.06.2017
42. M. Tech. – Petroleum Studies 350/- 17.04.2017 10.06.2017
43. M. Tech. – Nanotechnology 350/- 17.04.2017 11.06.2017
44. M. Sc. Polymer Science & Tech. 350/- 17.04.2017 11.06.2017
45. Adv. P.G. Dip. In Nanotechnology 350/- 17.04.2017 11.06.2017
46. M.A. (West Asian Studies) 350/- 17.04.2017 05.06.2017
47. P.G.Dip. in Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies 350/- 17.04.2017 06.06.2017
48. M.Sc.(Wildlife Sc.)/ M.Sc.(Biodiv. Studies & Mgmnt.) 350/- 18.04.2017 30.05.2017
49. M. Sc.(Biochemistry) 350/- 18.04.2017 11.06.2017
50. M. Sc.(Botany) 350/- 18.04.2017 11.06.2017
51. M. Sc.(Zoology) 350/- 18.04.2017 11.06.2017
52. M. Sc.(Museology) 350/- 18.04.2017 11.06.2017
53. LL.M. 350/- 18.04.2017 01.06.2017
54. P.G.Dip. in Personnel Management / P.G.Dip. in Marketing Management 350/- 18.04.2017 11.06.2017
55. B.R.T.T. 350/- 18.04.2017 07.06.2017
56. M.Sc. / M.A. (Statistics)

M.Sc. / M.A. (Operations Research)

350/- 18.04.2017 05.06.2017
57. M.Sc. (Chemistry) 350/- 18.04.2017 07.06.2017
58. M.Sc. (Applied Geology) 350/- 18.04.2017 07.06.2017
59. M.Sc. / M.A. (Geography) 350/- 18.04.2017 07.06.2017
60. M.Sc. / M.A. (Mathematics) 350/- 18.04.2017 08.06.2017
61. M.Sc. (Industrial Chemistry) 350/- 18.04.2017 10.06.2017
62. M.Sc. (Remote Sensing and GIS Application) 350/- 18.04.2017 10.06.2017
63. M.Sc. (Physics) 350/- 18.04.2017 11.06.2017
64. M. L.I.Sc. 350/- 19.04.2017 01.06.2017
65. M.P.Ed. 350/- 19.04.2017 01/02.06.2017
66. M. Ed. 350/- 19.04.2017 02.06.2017
67. M.A. (Education) 350/- 19.04.2017 04.06.2017
68. Post PG Diploma in Counselling and Health Management 350/- 19.04.2017 06.06.2017
69. Post PG Diploma in Human Resource Development and Management 350/- 19.04.2017 06-06-2017
70. M.A. (Economics) 350/- 19.04.2017 08.06.2017
71. M.A. (Political Science) / M.A. (Public  Administration) /
M.A.  (Human Rights)
350/- 19.04.2017 08.06.2017
72. M.A. (Women’s Studies) 350/- 19.04.2017 10.06.2017
73. M.A. (History) 350/- 19.04.2017 10.06.2017
74. M.A. (Psychology) 350/- 19.04.2017 11.06.2017
75. M.A. (Islamic Studies) 350/- 19.04.2017 12.06.2017
76. M.A. (Sociology) 350/- 19.04.2017 12.06.2017
77. Diploma in Teaching 350/- 19.04.2017 13.06.2017
78. B.P.Ed. 350/- 19.04.2017 19/20.06.2017
79 B. A. (Hons.) Sunni Theology To download admit card. Click Here 350/- 19.04.2017 01.06.2017
80. B. A. (Hons.) Shia Theology To download admit card. Click Here 350/- 19.04.2017 01.06.2017
81. M. A. (Sunni Theology)To download admit card. Click Here 350/- 19.04.2017 03.06.2017
82. M. A. (Shia Theology) To download admit card. Click Here 350/- 19.04.2017 04.06.2017

Non-Test Courses

1. P.G. Dip. in Translation (Hindi) 250/- 12.04.2017 Admissions

Based on




2. Post M.A. Dip. in  Urdu Translation 250/- 12.04.2017
3. Post M.A. Dip. in Modern Persian 250/- 12.04.2017
4 Pre-M.F.A. (Bridge Course) 250/- 12.04.2017
5. P.G.Dip. in Journalism 250/- 17.04.2017
6. P.G.Dip. in Public  Relations 250/- 17-04-2017
7. P.G.Dip. in Taxation 250/- 17-04-2017
8. P.G.Dip. in Electronic Data Proc.  & Machine Operation 250/- 17-04-2017
9. Post M.Sc. Diploma. in Museology 250/- 18-04-2017
10. P.G.Dip. in Company  Law, Banking & Insurance 250/- 17-04-2017
11. P.G.Dip. in Labour Law &  Labour  Relations 250/- 17-04-2017
12. P.G.Dip. in  Criminology  and Criminal  Administration 250/- 17-04-2017
13. P.G. Diploma in Pest Management 250/- 17-04-2017
14. P.G.Dip. in Laboratory  Technology 250/- 17-04-2017
15. P.G.Dip. in Gem  Testing and  Jewellery Designing 250/- 17-04-2017
16. P.G.Dip. in Applied Art 250/- 17-04-2017
17. P.G.Dip. in Hydrogeology 250/- 18-04-2017
18. P.G.Dip. in Environmental Chemistry 250/- 17-04-2017
19. P.G.Dip. in Food  Analysis 250/- 17-04-2017
20. P.G.Dip. in Horticulture 250/- 17-04-2017
21. P.G.Dip. in Environmental Chemistry 250/- 17-04-2017
22. P.G.Dip. in Food  Analysis 250/- 17-04-2017
23. P.G.Dip. in Hospitality Management 250/- 18-04-2017
24. Dip. in Quranic Studies 250/- 18-04-2017
25. Dip. in Calligraphy & Graphic Design 250/- 18-04-2017

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CUCET Admit Card 2018

TS TET Notification 2017,TS TET Notification 2018

CUCET Admit Card 2018: If you have filled online application for CUCET 2017, then soon you will be able to download CUCET Admit Card 2017. Admit is a very important document which is to be carried by you in the examination hall. You must read all the instructions after downloading your admit card.

CUCET is national level Exam being conducted by ten central universities together so that desired applicants may get admissions into undergraduate/integrated, postgraduate & research programs.

Important Date for CUCET Admit Card 2018 (Tentative)

Date of admit card availabilty May 2018
Date of Examination May 2018

How can you download CUCET Admit Card 2018?

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website, then navigate towards CUCET Admit Card 2018.
  • Then you have to enter your application no., password and etc details asked.
  • After entering details click on the submit button.
  • Once you clicked submit button, your admit card will be displayed on your screen, you have to download your admit card and print the hard copy of admit card for future purpose.

Information on CUCET Admit Card 2018

  • Your admit card will contain information like:
  • Your Roll No., Name, Examination Venue, Photograph, signature and thumb impression etc.
  • Please note that all the details on the admit card must be correct, if you find any incorrect information, you should contact to CUCET Admission Cell immediately.

List of CUCET Exam Centers 2018

1. Ahmedabad Gujarat
2. Allahabad Uttar Pradesh
3. Amritsar Punjab
4. Bandarsindari (CURAJ) Ajmer Rajasthan
5. Bangalore Karnataka
6. Bathinda Punjab
7. Begusarai Bihar
8. Bhagalpur Bihar
9. Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
10. Bhubaneshwar Orissa
11. Bidar Karnataka
12. Bikaner Rajasthan
13. Calicut Kerala
14. Chandigarh Punjab
15. Chennai Tamil Nadu
16. Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
17. Davanagere Karnataka
18. Dehradun Uttarakhand
19. Dhanbad Jharkhand
20. Gaya Bihar
21. Goa Goa
22. Guwahati Assam
23. Hissar Haryana
24. Hubli Karnataka
25. Hyderabad Talangana
26. Indore Madhya Pradesh
27. Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh
28. Jaipur Rajasthan
29. Jammu J&K
30. Jamshedpur Jharkhand
31. Jodhpur Rajasthan
32. Kalaburagi / Gulbarga Karnataka
33. Kannur (Thalassery) Kerala
34. Kargil J&K
35. Kasargod Kerala
36. Kathua J&K
37. Kochi Kerala
38. Kolkata West Bengal
39. Kota Rajasthan
40. Kottayam Kerala
41. Leh J&K
42. Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
43. Ludiana Punjab
44. Madurai Tamil Nadu
45. Mahendergarh Haryana
46. Mumbai Maharashtra
47. Muzaffarpur Bihar
48. Mysore Karnataka
49. NagerCoil Tamil Nadu
50. Nagpur Maharashtra
51. New Delhi New Delhi
52. Patiala Punjab
53. Patna Bihar
54. Pune Maharashtra
55. Purnia Bihar
56. Raichur Karnataka
57. Raipur Chattisgarh
58. Ranchi Jharkhand
59. Sambalpur Orissa
60. Shimla Himachal Pradesh
61. Sikar Rajasthan
62. Silchar Assam
63. Siwan Bihar
64. Solapur Maharashtra
65. Srinagar J&K
66. Thiruvananthapuram Kerala
67. Thiruvarur Tamil Nadu
68. Thrissur Kerala
69. Trichy Tamil Nadu
70. Udaipur Rajasthan
71. Udhampur J&K
72. Udupi Karnataka
73. Varanasi Uttar Pradesh
74. Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh
75. Vishakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
76. Yadgir Karnataka

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NDA 2 Admit Card 2017 How to Download Guide

TS TET Notification 2017,TS TET Notification 2018

You can now download NDA 2 Admit Card 2017 through the official website of UPSC for the upcoming exam i.e National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination (II) on 10th September 2017. The UPSC is the main preliminary part of the constitution of which organizes exams, SSB for qualified applicants.Don’t miss to read about UPSC Calendar 2017.

Union Public Service Commission organizes National Defence Academy & Naval Academy Examination twice in a year for which the paper is divided into two sections that are Paper I – Mathematics and Paper II – General Aptitude to select and appoint the capable and qualified applicants for the Defence sector.

To download your NDA 2 Admit Card 2017, you have to get logged into UPSC website by entering registration ID, Roll number. Admit card is must to be carried for each session in the examination hall. You must read all the important instructions given on the admit card. You can read more about NDA Age Limit.

Please read the full article for further information about how to download admit card for NDA exam. Don’t miss to download NDA Previous Year Question Paper.

How to Download NDA 2 Admit Card 2017?

To download admit card follow some steps:

  • First of all, you are required to log on to the official website of the organization i.e You can read more about NDA Exam, NDA Form. 
  • Then click on the tab “Examination” which is appearing on the homepage of UPSC.
  • After that click on “E-Admit card” tab.
  • A pop-up will appear on the screen i.e “National Defence Academy & Naval Academy (II) Examination, 2016” link. Click on that and move further.
  • After that select “Press here” link which is given under the “To Download e-Admit Card” column and go through instructions and press “Yes” button.
  • Then you will get the options, you have to select one of them i.e “By Registration Id” & “By Roll No.” You can also download pdf for NDA EXAM Syllabus 2017.
  • You need to click “Submit” button.
  • Your admit card will be displayed on your screen and take a printout of it.

    Read more about NDA 2 2017 Result.

NDA Exam Pattern for NDA 2 Exam 2017

Subject Code Duration Maximum Marks
Mathematics 01 2.5 hours 300
General ability 02 2.5 hours 600

NDA 2 Admit Card 2017: Important Note

Please check all the details provided on the admit card like your name, category etc. If you find information is not correct immediately contact to main authority to get it done correct soon. You can also download NDA Answer Key 2017

Please note that this information is based on last year notification, as soon as authority announces notification we will update the same. For further updates keep visiting our blog

AP PGECET 2018 Hall Ticket

PSU Recruitment Through Gate 2018

AP PGECET 2018 Hall Ticket: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada will soon release the AP PGECET 2018 Hall Ticket through online mode. This is the state level exam conducted to get admissions into ME, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy & Graduate level Pharm-D courses.

It’s mandatory to bring your hall ticket at examination centre without it,  you will not be allowed to sit in the examination hall. Those applicants who have successfully registered themselves for admission and the entrance examination will be allowed hall ticket.

You are requested and advised to keep your admit card safely as it may be required in future during admission.

Read more about AP PGECET 2018 Notification.

How to download AP PGECET 2018 Hall Ticket?

  • Hall tickets will be available online from  April 2018, you have to download your admit card.
  • Please make sure that no special hall tickets will be sent separately to anyone by post.
  • Once you downloaded your admit card please check all the details like Date & Timing of the examination, Candidate Name, Date of Birth, Father Name, Category, Address of the Examination Center.
  • If you find that your admit card has the wrong information you must notify immediately to the concerned examination authority soon.
  • Follow some steps to download your admit Card:
  1. Open the official website for AP PGECET 2018.
  2. click on the link ” Download Hall Ticket”.
  3. Then enter your “Registration No”
  4. Select your Test
  5. Then click on the Download button
  6. Your hall ticket will appear on the screen.
  7. Take print out of your Hall Ticket.

Don’t forget to read more about AP PGECET Counselling Dates 2018.

AP PGECET 2018 Result

You can check your AP PGECET 2018 Result online which will be available soon after the examination i.e May 2018. You may log in and enter the registration No. and Hall ticket no to download your result. As soon as the results declared the process of counselling will get started.

List of participating Universities for AP PGECET 2018

SNo Participating Universities
1 Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur
2 Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
3 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur
4 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada
5 Sri Krishnadevaraya University, Ananthapur
6 Sri Padmavathi Mahila University, Tirupathi
7 Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati
8 Adikavi Nannaya University

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TSTET Hall Ticket Download

UKSSSC ECG Technician Admit Card

TSTET Hall Ticket Download: DEPARTMENT OF SCHOOL EDUCATION, TELANGANA STATE will soon release the Hall Tickets for the upcoming exam TSTET 2018 tentatively in May 2018.You all are required to enter your Reference ID/Candidates ID and Date of birth to download your hall ticket. If you forget your ID then you have to generate your hall ticket by entering your registered mobile no.

You are requested to read all the instructions carefully before downloading your admit card. Hall Ticket is contained of 2 Parts. One copy will be kept by you and the other one you have to submit it to invigilator in the examination hall. You also have to paste one photograph on the hall ticket (same photograph as pasted on the application form).

Important Note: If your application doesn’t contain photo/unclear Photo or Inadequate size of the photograph will be rejected.

You must read about TS TET Notification 2018 and TS TET Exam Date 2018 or Telangana TET Notification.

As soon as Tet Hall Ticket 2018 Telangana will update the same on our blog.

Qualifying Marks in TSTET 2018:

SR.No Category Passing Marks
1 General 60% and above
2 BCs 50% and above
3 SC/ST/Differently abled 40% and above

If you are under the category of differently abled candidates your 40%of disability be considered in respect to visually and orthopedically disabled. But then if you are in the category Hearing impart applicant You should have visually and orthopedically disabled.

The validity of TET Certificates will be for 7 years.

Application Fee for TSTET 2018

You have to pay Rs 200 for Paper I or only for paper II. You have to pay the fee through Online mode in the month of March 2017 (Tentative).

Read more about TS TET Syllabus Paper 2.

Keep reading about TSTET Hall Ticket Download or Tet Hall Ticket 2018 Telangana for further updates.

Examination Pattern for TSTET Paper I:

SR.NO Subject No. of MCQs Marks
i Child Development and Pedagogy 30 MCQs for 30 Marks per subject
ii Language I
iii Language II English
iv Mathematics
v Environmental Studies
Total 150 MCQs 150 Marks

You may visit Telangana TET Notification.

Examination Pattern for TSTET Paper II:

SR No. Subject No. of MCQs Marks
i Child Development & Pedagogy 30 MCQs for 30 marks as per subject
ii Language I
iii Language II – English
iv a) For Mathematics and Science teachers: Mathematics and Science. b)For Social Studies Teacher: Social Studies c)for any other teacher – either iv (a) or iv (b) 60 MCQs 60 marks
Total 150 MCQs 150 Marks

How to fill Online application:

  • First of all, you have to visit concerned examination authority website, then click on the application form dialogue box i.e Welcome to Online Application.
  • Enter all the required details carefully because it’s mandatory to cross check all the details carefully.
  • You have to enter your Journal No issued by TS Online.
  • Now you have to attach your latest photograph and also upload your scanned signature. Then tick mark the declaration and click to submit.
  • On completion of submission of Online Application, you must take a print out of the application and keep them for future reference.

Read more about TSTET Syllabus, Telangana Tet Syllabus PDF Download

Don’t forget to read about TSTET Hall Ticket Download or Tet Hall Ticket 2018 Telangana on regular basis.

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