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PCS Preparation Tips for preparing for IAS/PCS exam, UKPCS, Civil Services exams. 

PCS Preparation tips for the ukpsc UK pcs exam asiprants.The strength of overcoming any obstruction comes from the motive behind it. If you are truly motivated by the strength of character to pursue your dreams than nobody could stop you from achieving it.

IAS/PCS as a career is one of the most prestigious and service focused area in India. The position is hard earned and therefore well respected. Having said that it is hard to crack the IAS/ PCS  exam but it is not something impossible. All you need to do is first demystify the exam through planning and strategizing in PCS Preparation. We at Scholarshipbag will help you

IAS PCS EXams Preparation TIPS

with some useful tips that will guide you in your path to become successful and clear the exams with ease.

  1. Overcoming fear and feeling confident: The first and foremost requirement to clear any examination is to demystify it and overcome your fear. You don’t have to be afraid of IAS exam because before you many aspirants have done so there is nothing to be afraid of. So feel the confidence in your veins like you have already cleared the exams with flying colors. This will boost your moral and you will not be flabbergasted by the preparation of the exams itself. Calm yourself and focus on preparation rather than what could go wrong. Prepare a decent study plan which will give you outline to study along its path. Do not over exhaust yourself and take time to rest and relax.    Check Here for UKPSC Recent Updates of ukpcs exam 2016
  1. Selection of books for study: The market is loaded with plethora of books on all the subjects and the question arises which one to follow and which one to discard as for preparing for IAS exams the one golden rule that works best is to go with a standard book on the subject which will provide you with the basic information about the subject and content is relevant to the subject that will save you from hoarding unnecessary information and your subject base will be strong. For Detail of  Uttarakhand PCS syllabus Pre and Main Examination can click here.
  1. Take help from the previous question papers: Reviewing the past question papers will help you PCS Preparation and will save you a lot of time. By reviewing the past 10 years question papers will help you identify topics that are more focused, trends in the questions and preparing for the essay type and objective type questions. This will help you to funnel down your exam preparation to particulars and therefore doing it will help you to demarcate topics.
  1. Make your own notes: Always prepare your own notes for PCS Preparation, after completing a topic or a subject as it will help in revision of subjects during exam times. Making notes also helps you to remember better about the topics as compared to just reading a subject. Making notes also helps in remembering dates, events, topics and news easily.
  1. Time management: The most effective time management strategy would be to fix daily hours of study. Also create some time for recreation, sleep and rest this will help your body to rejuvenate and give you the energy to prepare. After deciding fixed hours then manage subjects in-between these hours, give more time to subjects and topics that you are week at and less time to those in which you are good. Do not over exhaust yourself with preparation.
  1. Familiarity with the optional syllabi : Acquire yourself with well acquainted content of the optional subject’s syllabi and the topics that it covers. A thorough familiarity with your optional subject will help you select the one that you are most familiar with and it will reduces your mental tension that is attached with its selection.
  1. Strategy for general studies: This is most important for Prelims and Mains Examination PCS Preparation. As it covers History, Geography, General Science, Current Affairs and General Awareness. Do not get flabbergasted with the entirety of the subjects just focus on last year’s question paper which will give a little hint on the topics relevant to a particular subject. For history, stress is given to modern history and freedom movement. Also emphasis is given to Ancient India and medieval history. For the preparation of Geography, prepare for physical geography and maps related questions. Good Atlas will help you prepare better in PCS Preparation. In General Science a standard guidebook can make you well-versed on the topics of general science. While preparing for current affairs standard newspaper daily can keep you updated. A good guide book or year book will help you cover general awareness topics.

Chekc here for UKPSC ukpcs syllabus

Common Admission Test – What You Should Know About IIM Admission Process

TSPSC Group 2 Syllabus In Telugu Pdf

Getting Admission into one of the seven IIM-Indian Institutes of Management completely is based on your own performance in the Common Admission Test (CAT). The particular IIMs conduct a two-year Postgraduate Programme in Management (PGPM) and the Fellow Programme in Management (FPM).

Common Admission Test
Common Admission Test

PGPM is acknowledged as equivalent to MBA by Indian and international institutes. The fellowship Program (FPM) is aimed in those thinking about study, consultation, and teaching. This is recognized as comparative to Ph. D simply by the Association of Indian native universities.

When is CAT Exam held? Common Admission Test

CAT  Exam is usually kept in the month associated with November, for the program beginning July next 12 months. Candidates who cross the particular cut off marks within the written test are usually told to appear with regard to the Group Discussion plus Personal Interview. The final choice is based on a person’s performance in the created test, Group Discussion, Individual Interview, Scholastic achievements plus work experience. Your competence over the English vocabulary plays a vital part within the selection procedure.

Common Admission Test Eligibility

Candidates who possess secured at least 50 percent marks (45% for SOUTH CAROLINA / ST) in any kind of discipline are eligible in order to appear for CAT. KITTY traditionally is a several choice examinations covering British language skills, logical evaluation of data interpretation, plus quantitative applications of math, algebra, and geometry. You have to strive to do nicely in every section.

The particular test has the subsequent components.

-Quantitative Ability
-Data Meaning
-Data Sufficiency
-Logical Thinking
-Reading Comprehension
-Verbal Capability
-The Test period features 2. 5 hrs.

Getting yourself ready with regard to Common Admission Test

Common Admission Test requires smart and innovative preparation each mentally and physically. Sustain poise and composure all through the entire length associated with the test.

Scan the particular paper once or two times to obtain an affordable overview. Answer the easy questions in each area first. Skip what may not have to obtain answered and move upon. There is certainly unfavorable negative marking. So it will be preferable to skip queries than answering them mistakenly.

While getting yourself prepared for general knowledge, a person must give due significance to economics, politics, nationwide and international issues. Attempt and improve your reading through speed and comprehension. Create an attempt as numerous mock-CAT tests as a person can. This should provide you a feel through the exam as nicely as improving your self-confidence. You should also prepare for the abstract gd topics for Group discussion in Next phase of Exam.

Abstract GD Topics in IIM CAT | 5 Secret Tips to Crack👍

abstract gd topics

Abstract GD Topics is an integral part of Selection procedure in CAT Examination process to get into IIM, for the help of student in topics discussion we have compiled a list of abstract topics for gd along with few brainstorming tips for preparation of this step of selection process.  you will also find topics group below for practicing the topics discussion.

Indian Institute of Management is one of the premier institutes in India of management studies and research, spread across all over India with 20 public, autonomous institutes. A large number of students seek admission in the IIM programs in hope to get selected. Though there are stages that a student needs to clear to secure their admission among which the topics abstract group discussion is one of them. 

Abstract GD Topics
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Here are a few suggested steps for you to start your preparation for IIM abstract topics for group discussion.


A group discussion (GD) is a group exercise in which the participant has a chance to show their reasoning power, knowledge and self-confidence. You have to certainly prepare for the  group discussion topic because you cannot just develop qualities out of the blues so prior preparation is a must as moderators can always see through your personality. In this article, you will find 5 Abstract topics you can use to prepare hands on.

Abstract GD

1) The first thing is to pick a list of 5 Abstract GD  Topics that come across as total puzzles to you. Get a list of Abstract GD topics. For example:

  • A drop is mightier in the ocean
  • Water burns more than fire
  • The Yellow canary
  • Red or Black
  • Golden shackles are better than iron ones

Make sure that you pick topics that completely paralyze your ability to get started. This is important because getting over the fear now is better than when you are in the actual topic gd Discussion

2) Now for each IIM Abstract GD topic, make 10  points on each topic. Each of the 2 points should be related to:

  • 2 on Economics
  • 2 on Sports
  • 2 on Politics
  • 2 on Environment
  • 2 on Entertainment / Humor / Movies

Once you realize that you can say anything on these  Abstract GD topics by dividing them into these separate subsections then you can be truly creative and let go of the fear of what to say.

3) Time yourself:

Give yourself only 2 minutes to list the 10 subsections of each abstract topics gd. Write only A single word to describe what you wish to say, and then elaborate the point verbally by practicing in front of a mirror. The more you practice keeping only a written point to start and then practice verbally the remaining viewpoint will hardwire the words into your memory. Make sure that you keep your viewpoints limited to 3 minutes of speaking time so that you are able to make 10 points in the shortest time possible.

4) Abstract Topics for GD, A Compilation for Brainstorming.

list of Abstract GD Topics
A fool can ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years
A room without books is like a body without a soul.
Ars longa, Vita Brevis – a debatable phrase
Beauty contests are a disrespect to the Women Folks. gd abstract
Beauty exists not in sameness but in difference gd abstract
Beauty or Brain – who can rule the world? gd abstract
Being A Star Is A Cakewalk!
Being rich is being successful
Black Is Good
Blind faith is the second name of religion topics abstract
Break ups are start-ups    topics abstract
Do You Believe In Ghosts?    topics abstract
Food porn: Just a hashtag or more?  topics abstract
Happiness is a mystery like religion, and it should not be rationalized topics abstract
Humans are aliens
Is ignorance bliss?
Is Obesity A Disability?
Is silence really golden?
Is unconditional loyalty a virtue?
It is cool to be bald!
Live and Let Die
Losing should not be your option group topics
Love is not a feeling, but business! group topics
Marriage improves health! group topics
People who commit suicide are weak and selfish.
Rely on thyself – learn to work in an autonomous fashion
S For Selfie, S For Stupidity, S For Syndrome
Should Dhotis be allowed in clubs?
Should women ride bikes?
There is always a second chance
There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing!
Traditions are an obstacle to progress
Truth is lived, not taught
What should be taught: Doing Good or Not to Do Any Evil?
Woman is God’s best creation
Women are better managers
Would you advocate YOLO philosophy of living life?
You should do what you love doing
red is red and white is white gd topic
roses are red crows are black gd
green gd topic
blue gd topic
black vs white gd topic
black and white topic
red colour gd topic
dot gd topic
gd topics on colours
white colour gd topic
sky is red gd topic
group discussion on white colour
yellow gd topic
red vs green gd topic